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There are many useful contents in it.It will be very helpful.



You can get amount of useful materials for young learners.


The Korea Times

You can get news and useful information that what is going in the world.


Pixton Cartoon

You can create your own cartoons with characters and animals!


Go animate Activity

Students are able to watch and listen some dialogues on this website.

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Bombay TV

bombay tv

click here

Why didn’t you go to bed?

In this video a baby   is  trying to save slave ladies  from uncles.

Topic: Why didn’t you go to bed?

Level& age: Intermediate middle school students.

Language skill: speaking

Linguistic features : Why didn’t you ( do something) ?

How to teach:

-Teacher shows the video first without any subtitles.

– Let Ss  guess the situation  freely to engage the class.

– Provide a linguistic structure “why did/didn’t you do something?” to students and let students speak out with using the structure.

– Give a task which make a suitable subtitle to students in group work.

– Teacher makes students role play with their own subtitles watching the video.

1.  What seems to be the baby’s position?

2.  What did the uncles say to the baby who staying up late?

3. What have the baby done to the uncles?

4. What will happen next?

I worked with Mia

mia bombay ty

Shall we have lunch together?

In this video two men are talking about what they are going to do.

Topic:Shall we have lunch together?

Level& age: Intermediate middle school students(1st graders).

Language skill: Grammar, Reading, Speaking

Linguistic features : Shall we ( do something) ?

How to teach:

-Teacher shows the video first without any subtitles.

– Let Ss  guess the situation  freely to engage the class.

– Provide  Ss with grammar structure “Shall we …?”(Grammar)

-Watch the video with subtitles and figure out the questions below.(Reading)

– Let Ss use this form to recommend in groups (Speaking)


1.What does the man swimming ask David?

2.What does David recommend his friend?

3.Where is David going to make a reservation?

4.What will happen next?


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Digital storytelling

go animate

click here


Topic : What are you going to do?What were you going to do?

Target age: High-Elementary schooler to Middle schooler

 Target level : Intermediate (they’ve already know what continous form is)

Language skill: Listening & speaking

Linguistic features: Be going to~(present, past)

Objective :Students will be able to understand how to use  ”Be going to” appropriately.

Students will be able to improve listening skills and speaking skills by using this form.

How to use :

-Tell students about brief background of the video clip.

-Let them listen to the video for the first round(General question)

– Show pre-set questions on the topic(i.g. When was the time Sally was in the restaurant?)

-Check out the answers

-Have a post activity : using the form, be going to, student will have speaking activity.

Worked with Alice and Sally


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skku tesol poster

-The poster provides detailed information on 29th SKKU TESOL CERTIFICATE PROGRAM.

-The back ground image was used to demonstrate SKKU symbol which is a Ginko tree.

-This poster is not only giving information on the program but also giving fresh impression by providing new and fashionable design. This  up-to-date  design will be distinguished among others.